Beautiful Girls, Body Positivity

​Last week while i’m scrolling on Instagram some beautiful ladies caught my attention, i feel like i need to praise them despite of people telling them to loose weight but for me they are beautiful and charming and everything good in this whole world. The things i found out they support body positivity along with Ashley Graham, Khloe Kardashian and other people who supports body positivity. 
Aemilyharris and colors_of_autumn94 made me change everything that i know about body positivity it’s not that they are not fit doesn’t mean people will mock them and tell them you can’t live a normal life some just really likes to be plus size. She made me think that it’s not about the size but if your heart is pure you will be accepted in this judgemental society that we live in thus creating a big impact to my life, i decided to feature them on this blog because they are just wonderful human beings.

People will say that they are fat, not skinny, so ugly (because commonly if you’re fat you are also ugly) but let us take a look on what inside their heart, they are beautiful, they are stunning and if this society judges them to loose weight and give negative feedbacks those people should look back and reflect on their own self. Why are they putting shame on a person? Just because being fat is unacceptable? Being fat is not good to look on girls? Why so? Fat people or Plus size people are also “HUMANS” they have a heart that can feel pain whenever someone tells them to loose anything or losing weight.

It is not really about losing weight, it is about who you are don’t change just because people want you to change do it for yourself. That’s why i support body positivity and i myself can feel body shaming too but after so many encounters with these wonderful human beings i finally learned to accept what my body is i don’t mean that i will never exercise or go dieting but accepting the body that i have now is more than enough to call myself confidently beautiful with a plus size body.

Body Shaming may be hard to ignore but Body Positivity can never be ignored. Cheers to these two lovely ladies i am so happy i met them and they became part of my life and they will until forever.

Tips When Reviewing For An Exam 

Hello Darjeelings! School is on again and exams are quite near so i’m going to share some tips today, i understand that the classes opened just yesterday but believe me there are those teachers who will really push you to your limits and make you answer an exam on the second week of the class so better be ready! 

I myself will take an exam on September 24,2017 and it is the Licensure Examination For Teachers and i’m giddy right now and last saturday we just started our review along with other test-takers, so i’m gonna share what i learned on the first day and also some tips coming from because i just finished reviewing just before typing this. 

Let us start! 
1. Always always clean your surroundings first, because if it is cluttered around you will notice that you’ll be distracted while reading notes or reading a passage. Just remember to clean your space! 💕

2. Choose the most quiet place/room in your house and start to review there, if you have a room then i would be better to lock yourself in until your desired timw to finish so you won’t get any distractions from the noise outsides or those kids playing just outside your house. 

3. Wear comfortable clothes, never wear clothes that aren’t cotton because you will sweaty and irritated so make sure wear loose or cool pastel toned shirts. 

4. This is essential to all test-takers, students and other people. Always have a POSTit on your bag/desk or some stickable memo pads around you so that while reviewing you can stick those to your wall or to your desk. 

5. Focus on one subject at a time, don’t say that “Ay, bes okay lang kasi basa uli ako bukas” you should have a line up or a guide for example, focus on English first and after reviewing some English parts freshen and re-read then move to the next topic. 

Spell Ayna Tip: Never ever review English then after a page you will move to Math. Just don’t do that it will cause jumbling of words in your mind. 

6. Pick a desired time, for example you will review a certain subject for 2 hours then set the time to (1 pm to 3 pm) then you should have breaks between those time. A 15 minutes or 10 minute break will do. 

7. Use a dictionary or always have a dictionary on your side when reviewing because sometimes you will encounter some weird or new words so that you can see the meaning right after you read it to fully understand the whole context. 

8. Have seperate notebooks for Lectures and Meanings so that when you look on the notebooks they are already classified in their own way. 

9. Try to answer some questions after a review, so that you will clearly understand what is wrong and you can re-read it easily. 

10. Last but not the least, before fully starting a review always pray to God and let him guide you while reviewing so that on the day of the exams all of the things you have reviewed will show up clearly on your mind. 
So that’s it for today, i hope i contribute a little on your reviewing journey towards your dreams and don’t forget to pray that is always the key to everything! 

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Falling In Love 💕

Hello Darjeelings, i’m such a lazy blogger right but today i just want to share this thing that most teenagers feel. I know that i’m not a teenager anymore but still i want to relate it in a way that you will understand. 

I’m listening to the song Crazy by Andrew Garcia, it is actually a good song with great melody i can really feel the love and its lyrics says everything “I’m not crazy i’m just a man searching for reasons to find you over and over again” the lyrics seems to sink on our minds especially if we are in love. But how do you know that you’re in love? By smiling because of someone saying good things to you telling you “I love you’s”? Or simply just being flirty and cute?

I don’t even know the answer since falling in love is out of my league, just kidding.

Falling in love is a nicest feeling in the whole world, especially if the one you love reciprocates your feelings too. Isn’t that cute? But falling in love doesn’t mean you are just attracted to that person physically but you are attracted to his whole personality, i’m getting the views of a girl instead of a boy since i am a girl who possibly can fall in love too. You fall in love with everything (commonly with words) but if you feel if that boy is having a hard time fixing his life, you want to be that person in his life that will constantly fix him, emotionally make him happy. But that is the hardest thing to do, you can’t be that girl unless you two are really close and you two knows each other and know both weakness and everything.

Earlier while i was scrolling on my facebook account, i read a post about “the girl who cared” that is like the basis of everything just read between some lines and you will get the girl he dreamed of. Falling in love doesn’t also mean loving reciprocately but loving even if its one sided. Why? Because girls can endure everything until they just want to sit and contemplate.

So girls, don’t be afraid to fall in love because that means you are dedicated and inspired on someone loving someone really makes you inspired even if it is just one sided. Always remember this quote and carry on with your lovelife:

Love is patient it can wait until your decided day, falling in love means you are happy with someone so be it even if it is one sided or a full love story with someone.

I know the post is quite boring but i just want to say so much things when you fall in love, sorry for grammar errors and everything. 

Happy Sunday! ♡

Graduation Day 04.18.17 🎓

Hello Darjeelings! So it is Saturday and i think i’m on time doing a blog for you, i’m gonna share you what happened on my Graduation Day last April 18,2017 and its been weeks after that momentum and i am so proud that i am a graduate already. 

So i got up early that day maybe 4 am thinking of taking a bath that early because they said the call time was 11 so since the venue was on Philippine Arena i thought to myself that i should really wake up early. I took a bath exactly 5:30 am and then i finished about 6 am in the morning and finally did my simple yet stunning make up, to tell you guys i have a huge pimple on my face (right cheek) that time and i am so so disappointed but luckily thanks to Maybelline BB Stick the pimple wasn’t obvious the whole time and yes my make up is just those from video tutorials i watched the night before my graduation. I didn’t spend too much trying to look pretty or to look like a stunning Kim Kardashian but that “basta makaraos lang ang graduation” thing. I was happy with the results of my make up, my classmates looked like slab of foundation had been thrown on their face and that is not so cool and good-looking, i desire more on that “mature side” of me so i did really looked mature because i wear the all black freaking kind of attire i am like attending my classmate’s funeral (can you get the sarcasm?). 

When i got there on the venue there are only few students there in fact i looked like i rushed too much and i even skipped  lunch for that occassion and it kinda made me sad really, my make up is not clear  it is so hot they told us that the airconditioners will be opened earlier but then it took like  4 hours before the aircon had been turned on and i looked like a unicorn with make up being washed off but that’s totally okay the experienced was worth it. The rule they had given us that no walking, running or drinking and even eating was broken by us because we were so food deprived that day that even myself feel like we were being crazy  on our own Graduation Day but the moment we are waiting for finally came. 

As we were about to hit the stage my ribbon that says “Graduate” flew like the Colors of the wind and i am not satisfied with the way i looked on the screen, it is just a matter of 3 seconds and boom i’m not on the stage anymore. We passed and everything went smoothly after that, people chatting congratulating us friends kept asking for pictures and i am so happy that day. Remembering to have a picture with my classmates is the most memorable thing ever! 

I kept myself quiet though i am actually falling asleep in the middle of the ceremony but when the Summa Cum Laude appeared i stood up and clapped so fast like i was a controlled-robot but we were all inspired on what he said so Mr. Lemuel Toribio, Congratulations again! 

The crowd i saw that day was mainly different on what i saw on our Final Rehearsal, it’s been 4 years and i already graduated and i never believe that my Alma Mater would be the same school i dreamed when i was young. When “Today, We Graduate” started to play that is when the whole crowd begins to plaster sad smiles and faces because we knew that was already the end of everything and those words 

A day filled with joy new hope and great faith, let’s celebrate today we graduate.

Came to our senses that we must cherish our last moments together as a student and as friends. The road is not ending there, that is just the beginning i almost fell on my seat when i heard the Summa Cum Laude said some quotes and reminds me of my favorite quote. 

Maybe our roads being a student was over but our roads as an adult will just start, this is just the beginning of everything and we are stepping out of our comfort zones as students and facing real-life situations and facing that busy world we used to hate when we were young. 

In behalf of all the graduates, Class Of 2017! We finally made it and may God continue to guide us on our way on finding work and giving us more strength to face every challenge in life. 


Faith Ayna P. Olpindo

Bachelor Of Elementary Education Major in Special Education. 
P.S Next stop, Masters Degree! 

Last Day On My OJT (SFES)

Hello Darjeelings! I know i’ve been off to WordPress since i started preparing for my graduation, i’m so happy to be back and i’m going to post regularly starting today so Saturday and Tuesdays are mainly for blogging. So that’s twice a week and i think it would help me keep back on track again! 

So, like i said i’m just waiting for my graduation day nothing more to expect and yes acads are finally over and all i can say is i’m happy right now but the thing is i miss the memories i had made with my students because they are so precious to me they helped me grow as a Sped Teacher and as a person. 

I’m gonna share the experience i had for the last time on my OJT at San Fernando Elementary School i was so sad that day because i know the next day i wont be seeing them anymore, i miss all the fun the travels back and forth from there to home again and again. I miss ny critic teacher who gave me a lot of support, Teacher Gemma who became my bestfriend and good second mother to me.

My last day was just the basic, i came to school late and we even made pastillas with few of my students and then the last time i know is i’m leaving already, my usual time of leaving is 12 nn but i need to pass my papers at 11 am so i had to leave early. 

That was the last time i saw them, not until of course when i checked back for the evaluation sheets but that day was totally worth it. I couldn’t express my feelings right now because i’m missing all of the things we did and that school became one of my comfort place. 

Of course we all need to say goodbye, so i have to end it here now because this kind of memory will stay in my heart forever and i will continue loving my job as a teacher and as a person. 

SFES Family, Hot Mommas i owe you all Mothers! To my students (Jerome, Gero, Joaquin, Jaypee, Elisa, Angel, Ruzz, Cedie, CD, Dianne and many more including Jyrem and Brando who lights up my world literally) Teacher Gemma, Teacher AJ, Teacher Rose, Sir Mark, Sir Kenneth, Teacher Vivian such an inspiration. Thank you, i became part of the Sped Family even if for a temporary time only. I will never forget the things we did and all the lesson you taught me. 
Truly Believing, 

P.S In just days i will finally graduate and i hope the surprise i will make will bring smile to your face readers! ♡

The Ryton Studios

Everyone had been asking if i have a new You Tube Channel that i can review so i should answer honestly right? Well, i do have one on my mind and that is The Ryton Studios and yes they are my current favorite right now. I remember watching one of their videos and suddenly i’m laughing like crazy and of course i do love this channel because they are so worthy to watch! 

TheRytonStudios came from, well on my research four years ago Ryan and Clayton created the channel and as of the present they are still both the mastermind of TheRytonStudios (from RYan + ClayTON) this channel was made. 

As years go by they developed and got to do some entertaining videos as well as their daily routine + those funny voiceovers which is actually making me laugh. I recommend this channel to those who really really love to prank others because on one of their videos i think there is a prank there but all in all they are great. 

My review doesn’t end with just this plain words, let us start with: 

The Youtube Channel

I’m a fan of very organized Youtube Channel, i had mentioned before that aesthetic videos and stuffs makes me smile but in this case their channel is quite messy maybe because it’s given they are boys most Youtubers are actually boys with messy channel. What i mean to say is it’s uncategorized but all of their videos are entertaining so make sure to watch them. 

The Looks

When i say “The Looks” i mean the appearance and the impact they have from other people, all of them are so handsome like the three of them are all worth it and many girls had been attracted to those 3 guys. They’ve got the looks, the accent, the craziness so that’s the added bonus. 

Let me give an example one of the Youtubers with great face is Danny of Dannylikespizza and i actually noticed that one of the members is actually cool. 

Moving on with my last standard, 

The Quality Of Videos

I am totally amazed actually, their editing skills are so PRO but of course still needing so muuuuuuuch improvement but for a teenage guy it’s totally a wow for me. The quality of their videos are so good that’s why it attract most of the viewers. 

So, guys i’m encouraging you to support these three lovely guys and help their channel grow larger and larger and of course as a part of this mission i already subscribed a month ago. 

They are actually planning to change the name of their You Tube Channel but it is still on the waiting list. Let’s help them grow!

Here is the latest video from their channel, meet the lovely boys (from left to right: Skylar, Ryan and Clayton)

If you want to reach them outside Youtube here are their social media accounts: 


Instagram: TheRytonStudios

Public Email/Inquiries/Requests:

Ryan’s link 

Instagram: itsryryboi

Skylar’s link

Instagram: skylar_derthick

Clayton’s link: Well, it’s private for him but you can still see him on their videos. 

Be sure to subscribe and help them to get a lot of subscribers and because they are a part of SpellAyna Family now. 

Got more questions? Watch their videos now! 

Graduation Picture Taking 🎓

Hello People! I know i have been promising a vlog for this picture taking but of course i can’t blog if i will use a very blurry camera so i decided to just tell-tale the experience i had earlier. 

This is my first time taking pictures with my friends and also the others, last time i graduated in High School i never had friends who are very supportive and i was on my own never did i know that the same photographer from years ago will also be our photographer today, it’s amazing how i time turns so easily when i saw them telling me that “Parang kailan lang ah” and Yes! I know i am now officially #Gradwaiting. 

I don’t have decent pictures to show but i have this one photo of mine but don’t laugh at it but i treasure it so much because this is it i’m wearing the black toga already and smiling in front of the camera. 

So my day became like this i woke up at 7 am and prepared for breakfast and then bath, and then faced my mirror and played with my face using make up, i actually don’t like putting make up on my face but i know that it will be good anyway. So i started doing contour and such on my face and then i wiped it off and headed to the school i stayed for like hours without make up and a friend took care of my make up at the last minute. 

That is so fetch right? But still i’m happy that i was able to attend it and i am so happy that it boosted my confidence level from 0 to 100 easily. The thing is no matter how bad i look in my graduation picture it’s the thought that counts which means I AM JUST COUNTING MONTHS BEFORE GRADUATION and i am proud of it. 

4 years of ups and downs and even that failed attempt before i will never ever forget my College Years which will forever be treasured in my heart. It’s not like this is a speech but an appreciation post about me only waiting for graduation. 

A part of me will continue to grow, a part of me will continue to strive from everything. In 2 months it will be our time to shine and to show the others our worth. It wasn’t easy to be who i am but with the help of others i became like this in my college years. 

I want to remember my College Years as much as i want rather than High School because in College you can find your weakness, you can find your happiness, your strength and most important is you find yourself having so much stronger faith than ever because that can help you with every struggles you will face. I may be the girl who prefers to be alone or the girl who always isolate herself and even the girl who almost drowned in so much pain that you thought i would never graduate but still i will always be the girl who stood up and became strong after the struggle because i know in my heart if you can do it, i surely can do it too. 

So now i want to share you this Graduation Picture of mine. 

Faith Ayna P. Olpindo | BEED Special Education

I want to leave this saying that came from  me that became my saying before and after i fully faced the challenges i’ve been with never ever lose hope and always pray to God 

Always stand up after a downfall; for in every downfall there is a this faith that will drag you up to rise once again.