Last Day On My OJT (SFES)

Hello Darjeelings! I know i’ve been off to WordPress since i started preparing for my graduation, i’m so happy to be back and i’m going to post regularly starting today so Saturday and Tuesdays are mainly for blogging. So that’s twice a week and i think it would help me keep back on track again! 

So, like i said i’m just waiting for my graduation day nothing more to expect and yes acads are finally over and all i can say is i’m happy right now but the thing is i miss the memories i had made with my students because they are so precious to me they helped me grow as a Sped Teacher and as a person. 

I’m gonna share the experience i had for the last time on my OJT at San Fernando Elementary School i was so sad that day because i know the next day i wont be seeing them anymore, i miss all the fun the travels back and forth from there to home again and again. I miss ny critic teacher who gave me a lot of support, Teacher Gemma who became my bestfriend and good second mother to me.

My last day was just the basic, i came to school late and we even made pastillas with few of my students and then the last time i know is i’m leaving already, my usual time of leaving is 12 nn but i need to pass my papers at 11 am so i had to leave early. 

That was the last time i saw them, not until of course when i checked back for the evaluation sheets but that day was totally worth it. I couldn’t express my feelings right now because i’m missing all of the things we did and that school became one of my comfort place. 

Of course we all need to say goodbye, so i have to end it here now because this kind of memory will stay in my heart forever and i will continue loving my job as a teacher and as a person. 

SFES Family, Hot Mommas i owe you all Mothers! To my students (Jerome, Gero, Joaquin, Jaypee, Elisa, Angel, Ruzz, Cedie, CD, Dianne and many more including Jyrem and Brando who lights up my world literally) Teacher Gemma, Teacher AJ, Teacher Rose, Sir Mark, Sir Kenneth, Teacher Vivian such an inspiration. Thank you, i became part of the Sped Family even if for a temporary time only. I will never forget the things we did and all the lesson you taught me. 
Truly Believing, 

P.S In just days i will finally graduate and i hope the surprise i will make will bring smile to your face readers! ♡


Author: Faith Ayna Olpindo

Hi, I'm Faith! A future SPED Educator who happens to be a good writer too, i love everything that is aesthetic and of course i love books! Hope you enjoy reading in my blog. You can also visit and read some of the articles i made on :)

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