Graduation Day 04.18.17 πŸŽ“

Hello Darjeelings! So it is Saturday and i think i’m on time doing a blog for you, i’m gonna share you what happened on my Graduation Day last April 18,2017 and its been weeks after that momentum and i am so proud that i am a graduate already. 

So i got up early that day maybe 4 am thinking of taking a bath that early because they said the call time was 11 so since the venue was on Philippine Arena i thought to myself that i should really wake up early. I took a bath exactly 5:30 am and then i finished about 6 am in the morning and finally did my simple yet stunning make up, to tell you guys i have a huge pimple on my face (right cheek) that time and i am so so disappointed but luckily thanks to Maybelline BB Stick the pimple wasn’t obvious the whole time and yes my make up is just those from video tutorials i watched the night before my graduation. I didn’t spend too much trying to look pretty or to look like a stunning Kim Kardashian but that “basta makaraos lang ang graduation” thing. I was happy with the results of my make up, my classmates looked like slab of foundation had been thrown on their face and that is not so cool and good-looking, i desire more on that “mature side” of me so i did really looked mature because i wear the all black freaking kind of attire i am like attending my classmate’s funeral (can you get the sarcasm?). 

When i got there on the venue there are only few students there in fact i looked like i rushed too much and i even skipped  lunch for that occassion and it kinda made me sad really, my make up is not clear  it is so hot they told us that the airconditioners will be opened earlier but then it took like  4 hours before the aircon had been turned on and i looked like a unicorn with make up being washed off but that’s totally okay the experienced was worth it. The rule they had given us that no walking, running or drinking and even eating was broken by us because we were so food deprived that day that even myself feel like we were being crazy  on our own Graduation Day but the moment we are waiting for finally came. 

As we were about to hit the stage my ribbon that says “Graduate” flew like the Colors of the wind and i am not satisfied with the way i looked on the screen, it is just a matter of 3 seconds and boom i’m not on the stage anymore. We passed and everything went smoothly after that, people chatting congratulating us friends kept asking for pictures and i am so happy that day. Remembering to have a picture with my classmates is the most memorable thing ever! 

I kept myself quiet though i am actually falling asleep in the middle of the ceremony but when the Summa Cum Laude appeared i stood up and clapped so fast like i was a controlled-robot but we were all inspired on what he said so Mr. Lemuel Toribio, Congratulations again! 

The crowd i saw that day was mainly different on what i saw on our Final Rehearsal, it’s been 4 years and i already graduated and i never believe that my Alma Mater would be the same school i dreamed when i was young. When “Today, We Graduate” started to play that is when the whole crowd begins to plaster sad smiles and faces because we knew that was already the end of everything and those words 

A day filled with joy new hope and great faith, let’s celebrate today we graduate.

Came to our senses that we must cherish our last moments together as a student and as friends. The road is not ending there, that is just the beginning i almost fell on my seat when i heard the Summa Cum Laude said some quotes and reminds me of my favorite quote. 

Maybe our roads being a student was over but our roads as an adult will just start, this is just the beginning of everything and we are stepping out of our comfort zones as students and facing real-life situations and facing that busy world we used to hate when we were young. 

In behalf of all the graduates, Class Of 2017! We finally made it and may God continue to guide us on our way on finding work and giving us more strength to face every challenge in life. 


Faith Ayna P. Olpindo

Bachelor Of Elementary Education Major in Special Education. 
P.S Next stop, Masters Degree! 


Author: Faith Ayna Olpindo

Hi, I'm Faith! A future SPED Educator who happens to be a good writer too, i love everything that is aesthetic and of course i love books! Hope you enjoy reading in my blog. You can also visit and read some of the articles i made on :)

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