Falling In Love 💕

Hello Darjeelings, i’m such a lazy blogger right but today i just want to share this thing that most teenagers feel. I know that i’m not a teenager anymore but still i want to relate it in a way that you will understand. 

I’m listening to the song Crazy by Andrew Garcia, it is actually a good song with great melody i can really feel the love and its lyrics says everything “I’m not crazy i’m just a man searching for reasons to find you over and over again” the lyrics seems to sink on our minds especially if we are in love. But how do you know that you’re in love? By smiling because of someone saying good things to you telling you “I love you’s”? Or simply just being flirty and cute?

I don’t even know the answer since falling in love is out of my league, just kidding.

Falling in love is a nicest feeling in the whole world, especially if the one you love reciprocates your feelings too. Isn’t that cute? But falling in love doesn’t mean you are just attracted to that person physically but you are attracted to his whole personality, i’m getting the views of a girl instead of a boy since i am a girl who possibly can fall in love too. You fall in love with everything (commonly with words) but if you feel if that boy is having a hard time fixing his life, you want to be that person in his life that will constantly fix him, emotionally make him happy. But that is the hardest thing to do, you can’t be that girl unless you two are really close and you two knows each other and know both weakness and everything.

Earlier while i was scrolling on my facebook account, i read a post about “the girl who cared” that is like the basis of everything just read between some lines and you will get the girl he dreamed of. Falling in love doesn’t also mean loving reciprocately but loving even if its one sided. Why? Because girls can endure everything until they just want to sit and contemplate.

So girls, don’t be afraid to fall in love because that means you are dedicated and inspired on someone loving someone really makes you inspired even if it is just one sided. Always remember this quote and carry on with your lovelife:

Love is patient it can wait until your decided day, falling in love means you are happy with someone so be it even if it is one sided or a full love story with someone.

I know the post is quite boring but i just want to say so much things when you fall in love, sorry for grammar errors and everything. 

Happy Sunday! ♡


Author: Faith Ayna Olpindo

Hi, I'm Faith! A future SPED Educator who happens to be a good writer too, i love everything that is aesthetic and of course i love books! Hope you enjoy reading in my blog. You can also visit and read some of the articles i made on mytrendingstories.com :)

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