Tips When Reviewing For An Exam 

Hello Darjeelings! School is on again and exams are quite near so i’m going to share some tips today, i understand that the classes opened just yesterday but believe me there are those teachers who will really push you to your limits and make you answer an exam on the second week of the class so better be ready! 

I myself will take an exam on September 24,2017 and it is the Licensure Examination For Teachers and i’m giddy right now and last saturday we just started our review along with other test-takers, so i’m gonna share what i learned on the first day and also some tips coming from because i just finished reviewing just before typing this. 

Let us start! 
1. Always always clean your surroundings first, because if it is cluttered around you will notice that you’ll be distracted while reading notes or reading a passage. Just remember to clean your space! 💕

2. Choose the most quiet place/room in your house and start to review there, if you have a room then i would be better to lock yourself in until your desired timw to finish so you won’t get any distractions from the noise outsides or those kids playing just outside your house. 

3. Wear comfortable clothes, never wear clothes that aren’t cotton because you will sweaty and irritated so make sure wear loose or cool pastel toned shirts. 

4. This is essential to all test-takers, students and other people. Always have a POSTit on your bag/desk or some stickable memo pads around you so that while reviewing you can stick those to your wall or to your desk. 

5. Focus on one subject at a time, don’t say that “Ay, bes okay lang kasi basa uli ako bukas” you should have a line up or a guide for example, focus on English first and after reviewing some English parts freshen and re-read then move to the next topic. 

Spell Ayna Tip: Never ever review English then after a page you will move to Math. Just don’t do that it will cause jumbling of words in your mind. 

6. Pick a desired time, for example you will review a certain subject for 2 hours then set the time to (1 pm to 3 pm) then you should have breaks between those time. A 15 minutes or 10 minute break will do. 

7. Use a dictionary or always have a dictionary on your side when reviewing because sometimes you will encounter some weird or new words so that you can see the meaning right after you read it to fully understand the whole context. 

8. Have seperate notebooks for Lectures and Meanings so that when you look on the notebooks they are already classified in their own way. 

9. Try to answer some questions after a review, so that you will clearly understand what is wrong and you can re-read it easily. 

10. Last but not the least, before fully starting a review always pray to God and let him guide you while reviewing so that on the day of the exams all of the things you have reviewed will show up clearly on your mind. 
So that’s it for today, i hope i contribute a little on your reviewing journey towards your dreams and don’t forget to pray that is always the key to everything! 

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Author: Faith Ayna Olpindo

Hi, I'm Faith! A future SPED Educator who happens to be a good writer too, i love everything that is aesthetic and of course i love books! Hope you enjoy reading in my blog. You can also visit and read some of the articles i made on :)

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