Restarting + Blogging Schedule ♡

Hello Everyone! I decided to restart and bring a more fresh and lively blog so Kdrama. Life and my Adventures will be seen here on a daily basis. 

So according to my schedule i will be blogging around Tuesday-Friday-Saturday-Sunday because those are just my free day in case i won’t finish on a Monday. Also you can comment your favorite Kdramas here and i will review it for all of you. 

I decided to pick a time for blogging because recently i am really on and off so i had put up a schedule so that you will never get tired of reading on my blog. Of course i have a special kdrama review right after this! 


Author: Faith Ayna Olpindo

Hi, I'm Faith! A future SPED Educator who happens to be a good writer too, i love everything that is aesthetic and of course i love books! Hope you enjoy reading in my blog. You can also visit and read some of the articles i made on :)

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