Kdrama Review: Criminal Minds Korea

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​Hello Everyone! I know i’m a bit late and of course the first review was a little bit snazzy so i came to this picture-less review once again because why not right? We all now that Criminal Minds Korea is one of my favorite kdrama that was ever aired this year but i wouldn’t let this escape because there are a lot of flaws that were supposed to be considered good and then turned badly. 


The casting was pretty nice we have 3 veteran actors Son Hyun Joo, Yoo Sun and Kim Young Chul but the rest only marks their showbiz industry for a decade, and of course the youngest who was only discovered late 2015.

Let’s start with Son Hyun Joo who played the role of Kang Ki Hyung/Team Manager Kang, at first he’s lacking something but then the sense of authority, the look of authority strucked me so hard that he’s really good (i didn’t know he was part of Signal) i just love his character so much and that father figure to everyone inside NCI is truly remarkable.

Lee Joon Gi who played the role Kim Hyun Joon, he’s totally bad-ass but there are times that he’s just mainly there like “Oh Hyun Joon is there” the normal thing everytime you watch TV. But then when half of Episode 1 started and all i can see was him being Hyun Joon is everything else. From that SWAT Uniform to a police uniform up to the casual NCI Profiler attire he’s everything.

Moon Chae Won as Ha Sun Woo i prepared myself to see Chae Won doing stunts and of course i never got tired seeing her. At first the reason why i’m watching Criminal Minds was to move on because of the wedding announcement of Joong Ki (of course we know Chae Won and her shared some kind of cutesy romantic feels on screen to this drama called Nice Guy) and she’s doing the role right, i know people will say “Because Chae Won is your idol so you don’t say she’s stiff” come on people she’s playing the neglected daughter from a famous law firm owner that’s why she needs to be cold and sometimes stiff.

Yoo Sun as Hwang Nana i couldn’t imagine myself without her like the cutesy clothes and everything it is such a nice feeling. Garcia was a bit bold on the original series but Nana showed us sophistication though she can only be seen behind the computers.

Lee Sun Bin as Yoo Min Young well she’s quite nice on screen but there are few points that i want to tell, Min Young is one of the characters you will see episode getting in danger and goodness almost all of her frames are like scattered every episode but all in all she did a great job. First time seeing a cutesy-girl being bad-ass too and doing psychology.

Last but not the least Lee Han, i’m sorry i forgot his name but its not that important. Han had been a doormat almost all of the episodes you know that kind of time when people just need fresh air then Han will show up. He’s a genius and the counterpart of Dr. Spencer Reid on the American Series.
Kim Young Chul as Reaper i can’t remember how many times i had loved his acting all throughout the drama. He’s an effective yet cool and calm Reaper.


I don’t know why i saw this but to tell you half of the episodes are like showcasing Minyoung’s face from the very beginning up to the last episode. She was even the ending roll background on the first few episodes plus she’s always in danger.

When she was abducted [SPOILER] on the Ep. 11 i realized that the staffs and crew are focusing on her showcasing her talent or whatsoever but yeah its nice but she’s one of the show’s supporting character why showcase her face almost every screen run time? I get the point when they just instantly let Sun Woo go out of the scene and let Minyoung be abducted. AGAIN i don’t like that kind of drama —come on people didn’t ask for that.

Regarding Han being invisible, did you know that Han was supposed to be the one who should be abducted? But forgotten because they want to show Min Young’s weakness.


There is certain episode where Minyoung said she wants to be a profiler too. But guys aren’t Media Representatives supposed to stay as Media Reps only? Or is she being drastic and want that profiler position. I don’t get the idea of her being a profiler she’s just so pointless and everything about her seems to revolve with the phrase “I want to be like you” just stay as a Media Representative and everything else is fine. She’s a good profiler but being as Ha Sun Woo’s rival i just can’t take the idea.


I know that there are more important cases rather than this but this had cause ruckus for Sun Woo and Hyun Jun, i mean there is a personal kind of feels on this case but then Ep. 13-14 just slammed the case close like it was just an ordinary thing. I know that the story line was so crappy i just had to take and vent out by watching another kdrama while this episode was airing. It’s not making sense why Hyun Jun needs to be detained rather than solve the case with Sun Woo, they had prevented Sun Woo to interact with Hyun Jun because watchers wanted a little romance between them.
[The case that shooked the fans to their limits and failed to deliver the whole point of it]
Come on, even the American series provided romance even if its Action, Crime and Legal themed. This was the case most of the fans are so raved off. Like how come they closed it so easily.


I cannot believe why am i saying this but the story line is really crappy to be honest. I do not know why from Ep. 1 -20 except for the Ep. 10, Ep. 18 and 19 the storyline was so crappy and rushed and full of revisions and i’m saying this based on bts of the drama. They had replaced everything i do not know if everyone pay attention to the story but as we fans want the best for our idols and yet this modern-theme for Lee Joon Gi is not the drama that i expected to be, Scarlet Heart is more beautiful than Criminal Minds. I do not know if this had something to do with the producer-switch/producer that left the prod on the very beginning but its really cringy. Almost every episode you can see Minyoung but not the main characters. May i remind you that Minyoung is just a minor character.


Let’s face it the whole kdrama is so dark and full of gore. There a lot of blood shown not even a  blurred moment even the killings are so bloody. If you’re not a fan of graphic kdramas then don’t continue watching because i think the bloodiest episode i’ve ever watched here was that Episode 4 where blood are scattered on the floor and i’m like “Oh niblets! Thank goodness i’m not eating” if you are a fan of CSI then this Kdrama will work but more bloodier than CSI and of course the original series isn’t as bloody as this remake.

Just watch Signal or Save Me to fight the urge of full graphic killings and scenarios or anything funny.


Like i said the drama lacks a lot but since it served as my late-night favorite kdrama. All i can do is they did a great job, From Team Manager Kang up to Lee Han i might be an hypocrite if i’m saying i’m not satisfied with the show. I never believe Moon Chae Won would receive so much bashers after the drama saying she was stiff or whatsoever, that’s Sun Woo’s nature. As for Lee Sun Bin, there are still points to remember and she’s great and i say prettiest second lead ever doll-like features.

I think that is it and i know i’m on the verge of “How can she say those on  a review?” Well blame the crappy writing and story line.


Confessions Of A ChaeKi Fan

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​Hello Everyone! I just recently finished my well-loved super favorite kdrama which is Innocent Man/Nice Guy or 세상 어디에도 없는 착한남자 in Korean. I finished it barely in two days so i decided to do this. 
But this is not a Kdrama Review, it is the pairing review. We all know that Song Joong Ki and Moon Chae Won created sparks in the late months of 2012 from dating issues, articles, and other stuffs but none of them got confirmed since that’s their personal life so fans created this ship called “ChaeKi” mainly stands for Chaewon-Joong Ki so i myself is a ChaeKi fan for like 5 years now and i didn’t even feel so low when it comes to them it was like stanning a Brangelina kind of loveteam.

Plus! Their behind the scenes were so “touchy” and that makes the whole ship crazy. Being a fan of them for 5 years is such a rollercoaster ride because after Nice Guy ended Joong Ki had his military service so there were no total interactions but the bts and award nights served as my life during those times. I had love them and how i wish they will have a movie or a kdrama together, i heard that Chaewon’s comeback was in the early 2015 where she starred in a movie with Lee Seung Gi called “Love Forecast” where she played as a always broken weather forecaster in which i really really love.

Then a Joong Ki news then came when Chae Won was asked if who is the best partner for her and she answered Song Joong Ki so the whole ship was finally fueled again with feels back in 2015. Then this happen, hearing the news of Descendants Of The Sun made ChaeKi Fans very uneasy though i had love the Kdrama too stories sparks, articles, dating issues started to roam when that kdrama ended.

As well all know Song Hye Kyo was the lead character and we can’t or i can’t totally deny that they have so much chemistry too. Not until this July 05 sparks the heartbreaking news for us. There were lots of people who tweeted about #Chaeki and the ship finally sunked during that day because respectable Joong Ki and Hye Kyo’s marriage was announced which will happen in just a week now and i felt so drastic and sad that day i don’t know what to pick up its like shattering well of course we only rely on interviews as a fan but there has to be a way of knowing why that ship didn’t work out.

So various people tweeted about Chaewon being Joong Ki’s the one that got away and i myself also felt that maybe there were no communications made between them right after Joong Ki’s military service. There were a  lot of rage that day and Chaeki sunk on that very day.

People are actually blaming her if Hyekyo and Joong Ki split up it would be Chaewon’s fault well i’m kinda stressed about that but we remained calm and sad starting that day. No more Chaeki tweets after that day, the pain was still there.

I don’t actually know if it was really natural for them to hug while reading scripts and studying those together i haven’t seen Joong Ki do those not even to Hye Kyo. Thank goodness Innocent Man had a very bitter yet nice kinda sweet ending that gave us hope that somehow in that world a Eun Gi and Ma Ru became one.

So luckily after the pain we had a surprise from Chaewon which was the Criminal Minds Korea Remake which she played the role Ha Sun Woo and that acted as my rebound from everything and yes it did work because i feel for Lee Joon Gi and the other casts as well.

Maybe i just want to release the pain i feel inside that someday ChaeKi will be together in another life. But for now i’ll congratulate Song Joong Ki for the marriage with the Kdrama Goddess Song Hye Kyo it was also a nice ride with the Song Song Couple.

Tell me your thoughts about ChaeKi too down below and i’ll leave this dreamy picture of Song Joong Ki as Kang Ma Ru.

Seo Eun Gi and Kang Ma Ru will always be in my heart.

Yes! Ma Ru-ssi we are also happy

Kdrama Review: Girls Generation 1979

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​Annyeong~Yeorobun! ♡ Today i decided to make a review about Girls Generation 1979. If you are an avid Kdrama watcher like me you know that the kdrama had ended yesterday with only 8 episodes since it is just a mini kdrama. Now there are some points that i love about the kdrama and also if you haven’t watched this kdrama click this link here and you’ll be redirected to kissasian for a more clearer watch Girls Generation 1979 and to avoid spoilers. 

Let’s start! 

P L O T ♡

Story is set in Daegu, South Korea during the 1970’s. Lee Jung-Hee is in the 2nd grade of high school. She has a bright personality and is the second daughter of a family who runs a underwear factory. She and her friends go through adolescence.

Source: Asianwiki.com

No. Of Episodes: 8

Started Airing: September 11- October 03, 2017

Genre: Youth, Coming-of-age, Teen, Romance, Drama


C H A R A C T E R S ♡

Now for the characters there are a bunch of extras in this Kdrama, rather than putting all of those i just picked out some extras that i know matters in the story more. 

Bona (Cosmic Girls)  as Lee Jung Hee 

Lee Jung Hee is an eighteen year old 2nd year high school who is exploring her teenage life. 

THOUGHTS: Well, i really love Bona here maybe its a bit awkward at first. She looks like Daegu’s Venus friend too (i thought t’was her) She’s very cheerful, energetic and of course a little lazy. You know being lazy at a highschool life is very very common plus the dates that occur on the story. Well, i think there are 2 when Dong Moon appeared and Son Jin appeared. Bona gave justice to Lee Jung Hee if you read the novel Bona is the perfect Lee Jung Hee. 

Chae Seo Jin as Jung Hae Joo 

A normal 18 year old genius from Seoul, who is a daughter of a professor. Son Jin’s first love interest. 

THOUGHTS: I’m not sure but she was called Park Hae Joo there might be some mistakes but okay, Hae Joo is like a modernized girl like from the future. She’s optimistic but judging on what i heard when she came to her new school. I know at some point she’ll be problematic and it turns out that i am right. 

Seo Jin is a new actress i guess, maybe i haven’t seen her from other dramas but playing as Hae Joo is such a nice opportunity she played it well and i must say HaeJoo is my favorite character next to Jung Hee we can’t deny it because Seo Jin’s pretty face is so hard not to love. 

Seo Young Joo as Bae Dong Moon 

Bae Dong Moon is a character that pops up anytime he’s the first date of Jung Hee and that point made me fell for him too. It’s not like Dong Moon isn’t smart ( but he is after that drowning incident of Jung Hee) he showed a lot of competence others are even telling that Dong Moon is being used or had been used. 

Young Joo is a new actor but i’ve seen him as a model and please he’s a man with a 6 pack abs and he’s so manly. The role suits him well and mind the glasses he looks so kyeopta ♡. 

Yeo Hoi Hyeon as Son Jin 

Son Jin a genius kid like Hae Joo, ranks higher than Dong Moon and colleagues to Jung Hee and Dong Moon. 

I have nothing to say but kudos to this guy Son Jin is by far the cutest yet the boring character, he’s not that swooning unlike Bae Dong Moon. A son of a police officer and a disciplined young man but his love for Hae Joo is so worse like please if someone is getting hurt by love just stop. Nonetheless Hoi Hyeon gave justice to Son Jin and also to the song “Danny Boy” which i love dearly. 

Lee Jong Hyun as Joo Young Choon

He is a thug oh just kidding he’s a pharmacy seller and people are judging him because he is a father but little they know that Eng Cho was an orphan and an homeless little girl. Thus, he’s not a thug. Young Choon’s temper is a little bit bad and hot-blooded but it decreases when Eng Cho meets Hae Joo and the closeness grew okay i’m gonna take time with Young Choon. 

He’s the epitome of the “daddy look” been judge yet never stop aiming for goals, Eng Cho isn’t his daughter or a real sister but people in that town are so bothered by his presence like he’s a thug?! Like what the hell people. He’s helping people he had helped Hae Joo been convicted for awhile because of Hae Joo and now calling him useless. Oh dear. But i love their chemistry so so so good. 

Jong Hyun is like shining everytime i see him on screen i forgot the last time i saw him but i remember seeing him on We Got Married that’s what i remember but Jong Hyun really did a great job playing Young Choon.

E X T R A C H A R A C T E R S ♡ 

Okay this is what i’m talking about we’re on the best extra characters i had love on the mini drama. 

Min Do Hee as Sim Ae Sook 

The shortest bully at Jung Hee’s school. She’s smart yet a bully but a soft hearted girl inside. 

You know Ae Sook was Young Choon’s ex right or was i wrong but seeing them as a brother-sister i’m so confused but Ae Sook is a lovable character from the start. 

Do Hee is my spirit animal, she’s so cute and so soft but playing Ae Sook was a bit a nuisance for me not used to her being a bully. 

Jo Byeong Gu as Lee Bong Soo 

Jung Hee’s older twin brother he’s the craziest just like Kibum of Descendants Of The Sun have the guts of natural comedic guy. 

Kwon Hae Yeo as Jung Hee’s Father

I don’t know his name so let’s call him Mr. Lee he is so strict like so strict with Jung Hee and Bong Soo, but there lies a secret to that. I’ll discuss it later. 

Kim Sun Young as Jung Hee’s mother 

Mrs. Lee is very hot tempered but you know when i finished watching the series i felt like Jung Hee’s mother is like my mom who have a lot of patience and everything in this world. 

Park Ha Na as Jung Hee’s Aunt 

The hardworking aunt/ cleaner/ maid who adores Jung Hee so much. 

In Gyo Jin as Oh Man Sang

The teacher whom i hate the most not really because he’s a softy too. 

Jung Hee’s Father – Jung Hee’s Aunt

This is what i’m talking about when i first watched the series, i was like they are always together like their father is caring for the maid but not the family itself. Then when the series ended i realized that it was a common affair. 

Given that Jung Hee’s mom is old and always having the patience, Mr. Lee took the love away and gave it to Jung Hee’s aunt. I cried when the confrontation started because in my family the situation is like that (minus the affair) They are both wrong and admitted it at the end somehow.

Jung Hee’s Mother

You know she’s very patient she knows that her husband is cheating yet she’s still chilling. I love how she handled Jung Hee’s temper when she blurted out about the affair you know the concern is there; the love for the family is there because simply she wants a complete family. 

When she handled JH’s Aunt, i cried a lot because i knew deep inside she was hurt too but since JH’s Aunt is young and have been lured she kept it away and even giving a savings account to her. I wish all of the woman who had been cheated on are like that, no matter how it hurts giving a chance to those who commited mistakes is the best way to release everything. 

L O V E T E A M S ♡ 

How can i forget this. 

Jung Hee x Son Jin

Let’s admit it Jung Hee first fell for Son Jin  but due to the fact Jin likes Hae Joo, Jung Hee stopped what she feels for him. 

Jung Hee x Bae Dong Moon

I just love the both of them from the freaking start to finish i am so impressed why does this a mini kdrama when it can be a 20 episode kdrama. They look so cute together Dong Moon never stopped until he gets Jung Hee’s heart. 

Young Choon x Hae Joo

This is the most romantic part of the whole series two adult minded person twined together to love. The angst, the drama, the hate and everything all in one when it come to them. 

Oh i just wish for them to go on to their life on that 1980s world. 



The part i love well the kdrama gave justice to the novel, despite of having 8 episodes i felt that it has been years. Been transported back in 1980s while watching the kdrama been on the roundabout side of life, felt like not using phones and communicate more with people around me. It is such a heartwarming kdrama from the start to finish  you’ll want more when you finished it actually. 

I just wished this kdrama had been 20 episodes long i just want to see how everyone will grow but the ending is really satisfying and everything. 

I recommend this to everyone this is 10/10 for me. 

I guess that’s it! I hope you like this kdrama as much as i like it. ♡ 


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