Kdrama Review: Criminal Minds

To tell you the truth it was really hard to criticize this remake because i am so hesitant. I’m a die-hard Lee Joon Gi fan and a Moon Chae Won fan but yeah please keep on reading to know my thoughts. 

Also thanks to kdramacache’s CM Review my mind lit up for a bit because we basically share the same thoughts about this kdrama. 

So, this will be a honest review without pictures to play with just pure words that prolly can make you back out watching Criminal Minds. Being a fan of the US Version i have a lot of thoughts to say on this entry and i’m not gonna waste every detail of it. 

I was so happy when i heard the news that Criminal Minds will have a remake in Korea but as we all know Korea is known for having crappy-adaptations of US Shows but since my Chaeki heart sunk on that month i decided to give it a try since it stars with Lee Joon Gi and Moon Chae Won. Like i hope it can heal my broken heart rather than breaking it all over again. 


A group of highly trained profilers unfolding cases day by day.



Okay i am gonna start with how the production was made and all i can say it is really really crappy, writings, scripts, action. When you’re doing a crime/legal related Kdrama you should use multiple cameras but in Criminal Minds they only used a single camera which is only good for mini- kdramas/ 1980s set Kdramas. With that the production was such a flop, i remember they had changed producers and the first producer did a great job as the first episode was quite booming but when they changed producers that’s when all the content start to be shitty. 

Unarranged events, unarranged cases are so not a good way to capture CM US fans (i am sorry i just need to compare it) to love this remake. If only they had connected those cases to the Reaper there might be a chance of high ratings but no they chose to go with the flow of shitty writing. 

Editing, editing! Few weeks ago, my twitter friends and i are aguing over an episode where a freaking Ep. 4 (clothing) got inserted to Ep. 15 i was like “Woah! Editing hole there” that moment when i realized that they don’t have a time filming that scene so they just get a random cutted scene somewhere on the first episodes they thought viewers wont notice but we noticed! Lol! I feel like they shoot different scenes on one day like Ep. 16 and Ep. 20 on one day or Ep. 17 and 12 in one day you know to randomly say that they filmed. I feel bad for the actors Criminal Minds is such a nice show, if you look at the US Version (Romance, Drama, Action) is its genre and why the dire did they chose not to put Romance when on the original Shemar Moore is overflowing with a lot of romance? I don’t even know. 

Script. Storyline and etc are a downfall, the actors are great and people are great but the script? Hello, you just made Moon Chae Won the hate-able character on the whole kdrama i am so depressed while watching it like torturing me over and over again. 


Let us start with Kang Ki Hyung/TL Kang i just love his character but on the first episode he was depressed too like he blamed his self about the bombing so he’s developing stress and all anyways rather than that he’s not the most likeable character (though you see me tweeting about him). He’s kinda stiff too as for me, Hyun Joon on the other hand have this kind of power but i can’t just fathom what the hell is he on that kdrama: a profiler, detective, police, magician just what is he? I was having second thoughts when he started became an NCI Member like ohooh interesting but a flop too, plus when he was arrested during the Ep. 14 and about the Nadeul River Case (i’ll pour everything on that case later so watch out!) ~. 

Both of them are lacking aspects you know so hard to understand (lol i am brutally honest here you see). 

Okay so Sunwoo, the most hateable character can i just say that she flop here you know all of her kdramas are top-rated especially Innocent Man but what happened to her? She’s not comfortable on her character though when she’s with Joon Gi everything is sparking yet everything about a Sunwoo lacks. 

Nana is also something what does she do aside from hacking? Same as with Minyoung and Han they wasted a lot of frames with Minyoung just being the target (i’m sorry for Lee Sun Bin fans) i am very very dissappointed that Criminal Minds centered everything to Yoo Min Young during the latter episodes, i mean what is the purpose? Do we have to see her suffering all the time and the lead got to be forgotten well in that case they did make us forget about Sun Woo. The writers are so fond of Yoo Min Young that i even thought she’s the lead girl instead of Sun Woo, how strange right? 

While in Han’s case, he’s just there doing nothing and just standing and thinking COME ON DR. SPENCER REID is an agent too atleast based Han’s character on the original but no they didn’t they put up a very ridiculous script and messing the whole CM. I’m just so sad that this had been a great drama if the producer (1st) didn’t stepped down to be honest that producer was great than the current. 

I can feel the flop on the eyes of the actors, those are the things that made me rage about this kdrama. I told you i’m gonna be honest but this is the most interesting part that had to occur on the kdrama. 

Nadeul River.

I was actually waiting for the Nadeul River to be opened and on some episodes at the first airing they had shown this but you know just bits of it and on the other hand i felt betrayed seeing Kim Hyun Joon being arrested like what the hell tactic is so so a wrong move, Hyun Joon was detained and NCI Members profiled him (Team Leader) but this should be a collab between Hyunjoon and Sun Woo tbh i waited and even posted some ideas on Amino Kdrama Blog and Facebook Post on what is the truth about the case so i am wrong those speculations are wrong. They had gave us a flopping case there should be an interaction between Sun Woo and Hyun Joon since both of them have personal relationships with the victim but they didn’t chose to do that instead showed Team Leader and Hyun Joon instead. I just hoped they used Sun Woo as the bait and the one who interrogated Hyun Joon it could have been a massive explosion of emotions from the past lover to the bestfriend again they didn’t do it and much worst is they had closed the Nadeul River in just 2 episodes how awesome? Closing a 14-year old case that easy? Without even asking Sunwoo’s feelings. I understand that there are no romance but clearly seeing how Sun Woo and Hyun Joon interacted on the field they’ll be a couple in no time. 

I’m so dissappointed with the case like i hate it i even dropped the idea of finishing it because the expectations are like “Wait! What the hell?! That’s it?!” Hyun Joon pleaded innocent but how about Sun Woo? Shouldn’t she be the one to clear things for Hyun Joon. Oh gosh! Drove me to craziness. But Nadeul River is such a fuss and a flop for me and don’t blame me. 

R E A P E R A R C 

The reaper arcs are very lame super lame up to the point i just want to turn off the tv and forget Criminal Minds but one thing that is just catchy about the reaper is the wild grin but nothing special about that. The scenes suck from beginning to end (lol so brutal) he’s not scary like when you see him on the street you be like “Oh Reaper! The Brainless Reaper!” — 

Team Leader’s PTSD.

I am just going to point this out he’s suffering PTSD after her wife died but still continue working despite of memos about taking a leave or leaving NCI. I’m kinda impressed with the coping system but a man with a PTSD don’t act like TL does (based on the patients we have seen) so it looks so unreal and the rage is not there usually if someone killed your wife, parent, child etc. you will developed a rage and the desire to kill but after that freaking episode the Reaper was forgotten i didn’t know why but it took 10 episodes before Reaper shows up and that’s a no no for me and not convincing. 

Final Thoughts

After a very brutal review i’m gonna end it here well you see its just kdrama but the cast are golden and some are just rising stars so this will be considered as a flop on their careers like Criminal Minds Korean Remake was a total disaster but being a Joon Gi Fan and a Chae Won fan they did a great job even they just executed a very bad script. 

Kdrama Rating

☆/☆☆☆☆☆ [1/5]

P.S I’ll just mention that i had loved the NCI Squad and i appreciate then. 


Kdrama Review: Girls Generation 1979

​Annyeong~Yeorobun! ♡ Today i decided to make a review about Girls Generation 1979. If you are an avid Kdrama watcher like me you know that the kdrama had ended yesterday with only 8 episodes since it is just a mini kdrama. Now there are some points that i love about the kdrama and also if you haven’t watched this kdrama click this link here and you’ll be redirected to kissasian for a more clearer watch Girls Generation 1979 and to avoid spoilers. 

Let’s start! 

P L O T ♡

Story is set in Daegu, South Korea during the 1970’s. Lee Jung-Hee is in the 2nd grade of high school. She has a bright personality and is the second daughter of a family who runs a underwear factory. She and her friends go through adolescence.

Source: Asianwiki.com

No. Of Episodes: 8

Started Airing: September 11- October 03, 2017

Genre: Youth, Coming-of-age, Teen, Romance, Drama


C H A R A C T E R S ♡

Now for the characters there are a bunch of extras in this Kdrama, rather than putting all of those i just picked out some extras that i know matters in the story more. 

Bona (Cosmic Girls)  as Lee Jung Hee 

Lee Jung Hee is an eighteen year old 2nd year high school who is exploring her teenage life. 

THOUGHTS: Well, i really love Bona here maybe its a bit awkward at first. She looks like Daegu’s Venus friend too (i thought t’was her) She’s very cheerful, energetic and of course a little lazy. You know being lazy at a highschool life is very very common plus the dates that occur on the story. Well, i think there are 2 when Dong Moon appeared and Son Jin appeared. Bona gave justice to Lee Jung Hee if you read the novel Bona is the perfect Lee Jung Hee. 

Chae Seo Jin as Jung Hae Joo 

A normal 18 year old genius from Seoul, who is a daughter of a professor. Son Jin’s first love interest. 

THOUGHTS: I’m not sure but she was called Park Hae Joo there might be some mistakes but okay, Hae Joo is like a modernized girl like from the future. She’s optimistic but judging on what i heard when she came to her new school. I know at some point she’ll be problematic and it turns out that i am right. 

Seo Jin is a new actress i guess, maybe i haven’t seen her from other dramas but playing as Hae Joo is such a nice opportunity she played it well and i must say HaeJoo is my favorite character next to Jung Hee we can’t deny it because Seo Jin’s pretty face is so hard not to love. 

Seo Young Joo as Bae Dong Moon 

Bae Dong Moon is a character that pops up anytime he’s the first date of Jung Hee and that point made me fell for him too. It’s not like Dong Moon isn’t smart ( but he is after that drowning incident of Jung Hee) he showed a lot of competence others are even telling that Dong Moon is being used or had been used. 

Young Joo is a new actor but i’ve seen him as a model and please he’s a man with a 6 pack abs and he’s so manly. The role suits him well and mind the glasses he looks so kyeopta ♡. 

Yeo Hoi Hyeon as Son Jin 

Son Jin a genius kid like Hae Joo, ranks higher than Dong Moon and colleagues to Jung Hee and Dong Moon. 

I have nothing to say but kudos to this guy Son Jin is by far the cutest yet the boring character, he’s not that swooning unlike Bae Dong Moon. A son of a police officer and a disciplined young man but his love for Hae Joo is so worse like please if someone is getting hurt by love just stop. Nonetheless Hoi Hyeon gave justice to Son Jin and also to the song “Danny Boy” which i love dearly. 

Lee Jong Hyun as Joo Young Choon

He is a thug oh just kidding he’s a pharmacy seller and people are judging him because he is a father but little they know that Eng Cho was an orphan and an homeless little girl. Thus, he’s not a thug. Young Choon’s temper is a little bit bad and hot-blooded but it decreases when Eng Cho meets Hae Joo and the closeness grew okay i’m gonna take time with Young Choon. 

He’s the epitome of the “daddy look” been judge yet never stop aiming for goals, Eng Cho isn’t his daughter or a real sister but people in that town are so bothered by his presence like he’s a thug?! Like what the hell people. He’s helping people he had helped Hae Joo been convicted for awhile because of Hae Joo and now calling him useless. Oh dear. But i love their chemistry so so so good. 

Jong Hyun is like shining everytime i see him on screen i forgot the last time i saw him but i remember seeing him on We Got Married that’s what i remember but Jong Hyun really did a great job playing Young Choon.

E X T R A C H A R A C T E R S ♡ 

Okay this is what i’m talking about we’re on the best extra characters i had love on the mini drama. 

Min Do Hee as Sim Ae Sook 

The shortest bully at Jung Hee’s school. She’s smart yet a bully but a soft hearted girl inside. 

You know Ae Sook was Young Choon’s ex right or was i wrong but seeing them as a brother-sister i’m so confused but Ae Sook is a lovable character from the start. 

Do Hee is my spirit animal, she’s so cute and so soft but playing Ae Sook was a bit a nuisance for me not used to her being a bully. 

Jo Byeong Gu as Lee Bong Soo 

Jung Hee’s older twin brother he’s the craziest just like Kibum of Descendants Of The Sun have the guts of natural comedic guy. 

Kwon Hae Yeo as Jung Hee’s Father

I don’t know his name so let’s call him Mr. Lee he is so strict like so strict with Jung Hee and Bong Soo, but there lies a secret to that. I’ll discuss it later. 

Kim Sun Young as Jung Hee’s mother 

Mrs. Lee is very hot tempered but you know when i finished watching the series i felt like Jung Hee’s mother is like my mom who have a lot of patience and everything in this world. 

Park Ha Na as Jung Hee’s Aunt 

The hardworking aunt/ cleaner/ maid who adores Jung Hee so much. 

In Gyo Jin as Oh Man Sang

The teacher whom i hate the most not really because he’s a softy too. 

Jung Hee’s Father – Jung Hee’s Aunt

This is what i’m talking about when i first watched the series, i was like they are always together like their father is caring for the maid but not the family itself. Then when the series ended i realized that it was a common affair. 

Given that Jung Hee’s mom is old and always having the patience, Mr. Lee took the love away and gave it to Jung Hee’s aunt. I cried when the confrontation started because in my family the situation is like that (minus the affair) They are both wrong and admitted it at the end somehow.

Jung Hee’s Mother

You know she’s very patient she knows that her husband is cheating yet she’s still chilling. I love how she handled Jung Hee’s temper when she blurted out about the affair you know the concern is there; the love for the family is there because simply she wants a complete family. 

When she handled JH’s Aunt, i cried a lot because i knew deep inside she was hurt too but since JH’s Aunt is young and have been lured she kept it away and even giving a savings account to her. I wish all of the woman who had been cheated on are like that, no matter how it hurts giving a chance to those who commited mistakes is the best way to release everything. 

L O V E T E A M S ♡ 

How can i forget this. 

Jung Hee x Son Jin

Let’s admit it Jung Hee first fell for Son Jin  but due to the fact Jin likes Hae Joo, Jung Hee stopped what she feels for him. 

Jung Hee x Bae Dong Moon

I just love the both of them from the freaking start to finish i am so impressed why does this a mini kdrama when it can be a 20 episode kdrama. They look so cute together Dong Moon never stopped until he gets Jung Hee’s heart. 

Young Choon x Hae Joo

This is the most romantic part of the whole series two adult minded person twined together to love. The angst, the drama, the hate and everything all in one when it come to them. 

Oh i just wish for them to go on to their life on that 1980s world. 



The part i love well the kdrama gave justice to the novel, despite of having 8 episodes i felt that it has been years. Been transported back in 1980s while watching the kdrama been on the roundabout side of life, felt like not using phones and communicate more with people around me. It is such a heartwarming kdrama from the start to finish  you’ll want more when you finished it actually. 

I just wished this kdrama had been 20 episodes long i just want to see how everyone will grow but the ending is really satisfying and everything. 

I recommend this to everyone this is 10/10 for me. 

I guess that’s it! I hope you like this kdrama as much as i like it. ♡ 


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