Day 5: Holiday Blog (Interview, Got Lost In Clark!, 7eleven Hawaiian Wraps + Spoiled by Papa w/ food)


​Hello Everyone! Day 05 of December and i just started blogging about daily life yesterday and today is December 5th. I have a lots to tell you so let’s start! 
I can’t do vlogs right now so please bear with these written vlog-like kind of entries until the end of December. I promised to write everyday but of course those entries will be delayed or be compressed on one entry so i will not delay this 5th Day Holiday Blog!

Yesterday i got a text message from Spicus Clark about an interview, this is a company that caters Online Teaching to Korean, US, Japanese and soon for Chinese Students. Well the date was today so i did planned to go and we got lost! Yes, we got lost! We got lost inside Clark at first i was really competent but then when i realized we wasted like 40 minutes we decided to asked guards about the place asking here and there, my father is so giddy i was like “Oh this is hard” i’m always looking at my watch everytime, always looking at every wallclock on my phone btw i didn’t even use my phone at attempt to use it inside the premises (lol)

So after many tries we got to Ivoline, Spicus Clark i admit that was a freaking 2 hour drive from SF to Clark. I got inside to tell the feeling is giddy a girl approached me and gave me an exam btw, i tried to print my resume but unfortunately i didn’t print it out so i used Bio Data (old fashioned huh?) My attire was just mainly my old uniform which is so fitted to me because i gained weight. So yeah i got inside, i took the exam and then passed the exam.

The inteviewer even asked me questions and i forgot to say that i’m a Sped Student Coordinator but instead i said Sped Coordinator and that is misleading and every answer i make are just circling on my mind i didn’t even feel so much tensed but i realized i think i failed, not thinking negative but i guess that is my nature i cough so many times (so unprofessional) i even fidgeted my folder of requirements (what a move right?) All in  all the process is okay i just hope that the interviewer will believe on what i can do and i want to improve as a person.

She speak so timid and so quiet i can’t even think of anything to say i keep leaning and leaning in front of her just to hear her, btw my interviewer is pretty. The working area is a bit creepy, i just don’t know why (lol at me)

Then we got hungry so i got myself Sisig, my father had Gatorade Tropical Fruit (Purplish Color) and Fita and i asked for 40 pesos, i spotted a Hawaiian Wrap which when we got home i took the half and then i took the other half just before i did this entry.

So i guess that’s what i want to share and later i’m going to church for a duty. Read my next Holiday Blog! ♡


Day 4: Holiday Blog (Church Duties, Updating Wattpad, Possible New Phone, Vlogging Updates) 


Hello Everyone! It is the 4th of December and i’m starting this Holiday Blog of mine though so late and i promise that i will catch up, but since we are not celebrating Christmas all along i decided to write my everyday routine and duties. I repeat this is not a Christmas-related blog but related to Holidays and no classes. 

Okay so its Monday and prolly everyone is at work and i’m here typing this because why not? I applied already on various job offerings and i’m just waiting for the interview date. So later we’re having a church duty and it is really important to come that’s why i’m doing this blog right now in this very morning of December 4th we will go early because it is a wide-range duty so we need to move fast and furious because we might not get a seat.

I just want to say and be thankful that my story on Wattpad is booming with reads i’m nearly 300,000 reads! Can you believe that so i think by lunch i can update another chapter despite of updating midnight earlier, i’m just so happy that hardwork pays off and probably soon it will be published. Lol. 

Anyway, i might get a new phone before December 20 but the thing is i want to start vlogging so bad so i’m gonna need that phone. Oppo A37 Rosegold is my choice and i hope it will come true this December i am in awe i just want that phone badly to start vlogging. Vlogging Updates are 21/100 right now because i already edited the intro and i swear i love the intro so much.

I guess that will be it. 

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Happy Holidays! 

Open Letter To The ChaeKi Nation


Dearest Fangirls/Fanboys, 

Almost 5 years of being a fangirl and of course a frustrated shipper of Chaeki. Unlike my confession that i posted last time this is more heartfelt and i want to tell you that everything was worth it. From the start of the Nice Guy filming up to the last snippets of them on-screen and on awards night the chemistry was truly unbearable and unbelievable. I used “was” because right now we’re facing the downfall of the ship and of course the rise of the new yet well-loved relationship inside the Kdrama World. 
I am so happy when i heard that he’s getting married Song Joong Ki had been part of my life since Werewolf Boy and Sungkyung– i don’t remember the kdrama with a scandal starring Park Min Young and of course who can forget the lovable yet serious and gigolo Kang Ma Ru of Nice Guy? We all loved him until Descendants Of The Sun boomed and he is on top of the Kdrama land. 

You know, my dearest fangirls/fanboys everytime i see the news about Song Hye Kyo and him i feel like i’m breaking. There are a lot of theories on my mind and probably on your minds too but one thing stands out after all those thoughts that atleast Nice Guy gave chances to Seo Eun Gi and Kang Ma Ru even if it was just a mere hint my love for them will never end. 

Moon Chae Won is the girl who always smiles but deep inside we know something that isn’t right. She’s for keeps to be honest but right now i’ll drop this idea let Chae Won be happy even if it wasn’t Joong Ki atleast a guy who can love and wait for her not a guy who will walk away. 

They are each other’s the one that got away i can still say “Nice Guy” is my favorite not just they’re both there but we know that during those times #Chaeki happened. I’m putting my mindset to a different level, i started watching DOTS actually and i felt nothing maybe because i want Chaeki to happen but also the feeling of guilt while watching. 

Don’t get me wrong i love Song Hye Kyo, i support her on everything and of course this is life-changing, lol i never cried for a ship like this. Let me tell you Criminal Minds became my rebound for everything that happened seeing Chae Won smile at some behind the scenes i am HAPPY, seeing that smile after years. 

Tonight i said to myself that i guess it is time to set aside this ship and let the real ship sail, so be it they can’t be together anymore let’s be happy for Song Joong Ki. 

No matter what happens he’s our Joong Ki, our Oppa who finally met his one true love. One true love that had broke a nation. 


DON’T FORGET THAT WE HAVE KANG MARU AND SEO EUN GI, THEY MAY BE CHARACTERS FROM A KDRAMA BUT STILL IT WAS THE CHAEKI WHO PLAYED AND GAVE THEM LIFE. Let’s be happy instead of weep Song Joong Ki will be happy for us and we should be happy too. 

So this will never reach Song Joong Ki i’ll type this in Korean. Let your translators open (kidding!) 

중기 씨, 팬 여러분, 언제나 우리 편이되어 주실 것을 기쁘게 생각합니다. 우리 Chaeki 팬들은 결코 당신을 잊지 않을 것입니다. 우리는 이제 당신이 진정으로 당신의 진정한 사랑을 만났을 때 인생을 즐기기를 바랍니다.

중앙기, 축하와 베스트! 💕

Of course for our Moon Chae Won. 

채원아, 계속 미소 지으며 인생을 최대한 누리 라. 당신은 매번 도전에 직면 한 용감한 소녀입니다. 당신의 삶이 바셔로 가득 차게하지 않으면 그들이 당신의 삶에 영향을 미치지 않도록하십시오.

서은기 Chaeki는 영원히 항해 할 것입니다.

행복 해지자! 💕

And for all of us Chaeki Nation let’s hashtag #ChaeKiForever tommorow along with the hashtags that will come from Song Song Fans. Let us wish them happiness! 

Confessions Of A ChaeKi Fan

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​Hello Everyone! I just recently finished my well-loved super favorite kdrama which is Innocent Man/Nice Guy or 세상 어디에도 없는 착한남자 in Korean. I finished it barely in two days so i decided to do this. 
But this is not a Kdrama Review, it is the pairing review. We all know that Song Joong Ki and Moon Chae Won created sparks in the late months of 2012 from dating issues, articles, and other stuffs but none of them got confirmed since that’s their personal life so fans created this ship called “ChaeKi” mainly stands for Chaewon-Joong Ki so i myself is a ChaeKi fan for like 5 years now and i didn’t even feel so low when it comes to them it was like stanning a Brangelina kind of loveteam.

Plus! Their behind the scenes were so “touchy” and that makes the whole ship crazy. Being a fan of them for 5 years is such a rollercoaster ride because after Nice Guy ended Joong Ki had his military service so there were no total interactions but the bts and award nights served as my life during those times. I had love them and how i wish they will have a movie or a kdrama together, i heard that Chaewon’s comeback was in the early 2015 where she starred in a movie with Lee Seung Gi called “Love Forecast” where she played as a always broken weather forecaster in which i really really love.

Then a Joong Ki news then came when Chae Won was asked if who is the best partner for her and she answered Song Joong Ki so the whole ship was finally fueled again with feels back in 2015. Then this happen, hearing the news of Descendants Of The Sun made ChaeKi Fans very uneasy though i had love the Kdrama too stories sparks, articles, dating issues started to roam when that kdrama ended.

As well all know Song Hye Kyo was the lead character and we can’t or i can’t totally deny that they have so much chemistry too. Not until this July 05 sparks the heartbreaking news for us. There were lots of people who tweeted about #Chaeki and the ship finally sunked during that day because respectable Joong Ki and Hye Kyo’s marriage was announced which will happen in just a week now and i felt so drastic and sad that day i don’t know what to pick up its like shattering well of course we only rely on interviews as a fan but there has to be a way of knowing why that ship didn’t work out.

So various people tweeted about Chaewon being Joong Ki’s the one that got away and i myself also felt that maybe there were no communications made between them right after Joong Ki’s military service. There were a  lot of rage that day and Chaeki sunk on that very day.

People are actually blaming her if Hyekyo and Joong Ki split up it would be Chaewon’s fault well i’m kinda stressed about that but we remained calm and sad starting that day. No more Chaeki tweets after that day, the pain was still there.

I don’t actually know if it was really natural for them to hug while reading scripts and studying those together i haven’t seen Joong Ki do those not even to Hye Kyo. Thank goodness Innocent Man had a very bitter yet nice kinda sweet ending that gave us hope that somehow in that world a Eun Gi and Ma Ru became one.

So luckily after the pain we had a surprise from Chaewon which was the Criminal Minds Korea Remake which she played the role Ha Sun Woo and that acted as my rebound from everything and yes it did work because i feel for Lee Joon Gi and the other casts as well.

Maybe i just want to release the pain i feel inside that someday ChaeKi will be together in another life. But for now i’ll congratulate Song Joong Ki for the marriage with the Kdrama Goddess Song Hye Kyo it was also a nice ride with the Song Song Couple.

Tell me your thoughts about ChaeKi too down below and i’ll leave this dreamy picture of Song Joong Ki as Kang Ma Ru.

Seo Eun Gi and Kang Ma Ru will always be in my heart.

Yes! Ma Ru-ssi we are also happy

Things I’m Grateful For

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As you all know i’m adding a year on my age tommorow again so i decided to make a list about what i’m grateful to for the past few months i’ve been on ups and downs and my life had been a roller coaster one. So, keep reading and hope you’ be able to make things like this after you read this. 
Still an INC.  I am grateful that i’m still an Iglesia Ni Cristo member despite of my irresponsibility as a choir member still he is there to guide me all through out my life and with that i am going through my life with such happiness. 

My Parents. I usually don’t thank them personally but i think being on an age like this is such an honor i’m no longer a child. Parents may keep on nagging my Mom, my Father but i am thankful that they’re still with me at this kind of age at their old age. 

House. Our house may not be big but having a safe shelter with a complete family is much more okay rather than living in vain neigborhood where “drugs” exist. This had been our house for more than 8 years now. 

Anxiety. It sounds so stupid that i’m grateful for my anxiety but Anxiety really helped me to grow and be a better person inside and out. I did fell down for the past few years but i fought through it. I tried my best to do everything and yes Anxiety helped me. 

Friends. I am so grateful that i have friends physically, that i can talk with and tell my problems with. Back then i was that little girl avoiding all the people around me and then lately i realized that friends will stay no matter what will you do. 

Eyesight. I have problems with my eyesight starting i learned how to use smartphones there have been problems on how i look on views because clearly i have a cross-eyed situation. But still i am seeing well right now and normally living my life. 

My Body/Health. Even if i don’t have a perfect body still i am eating right, eating balanced. Though being fat sometimes bother me but that is all i get of course i’m still on that dieting phase. 

Cousins. Aside from friends, i am grateful that i have so many many cousins that i love and love me too. For an introvert like me all pressure are into me whenever there are gatherings and such but when i’m with them i am happy. 

FCW Friends. These are my so called online friends from my Mommy Sabrina to Ate Sanchez , Aj, Syke and everyone around a “Vill” on that world i am grateful. 

Twitter Friends. Lately as you know i’m always on Twitter minding Criminal Minds to those people i met Lyra, Anne, Yanny, Kea, Mitzy, Ophelia and etc. I am grateful to all of you guys and also mentioning that Criminal Minds Korea Soompi Staff thanks to all of you my Twitterworld is much happier and also to Seb, a newly found friend of mine it will take long before i meet you but soon (malalaman din natin ang name ng escort sa Miss Q & A) 

WordPress Family. To my readers who had been there since Day one i cannot thank all of you and to those who follows my blog. Arigato Gozaimas. 

Wattpad Family. Without my readers i am nothing, with all the support the hundred thousand reads and such i am grateful to all of you. 

Education. Last but not the least, i am grateful that i took up Special Education though im not yet teaching soon i’ll be one of those teachers who will mark something to the student. 

I guess there are still things that i’m grateful for yet i cannot make a list with an never-ending entry so i keep those to myself and hopefully next year will be another year which will i be more grateful. 

Failures, Family.


People often asked me “Did you even try working inside the house/doing chores?” Sometimes i will jokingly say “I do but i hate it” and then they will give me a “are you even a girl?” In this world that girls are the one who should do chores i am the one who is always wrong. I grew up not used to do chores because being an only child sucks , parents keep on telling me to work around the house but i only knew washing plates, ironing and making the bed but laundry and other stuffs? No! But i do cook sometimes. 

My Mom somehow is a “clean” person her cleanliness is always on point from the house up to the tiniest corner of her blouse. She’s so clean that she does all the work, i wanted to help but she always says no and rejected what i’m doing so i end up just laying in bed all day. This isn’t really the choice i had to take sometimes i begged just to do laundry but in the end she will redo it like how can i even learn if she keeps on interrupting me i’m just adjusting little by little sooner or later those sore hands will be just like mine. I’m depressed with what is happening i feel like the world is against me and all i can do is sit all day. 

They never told me to be better at what i’m doing, they never told me to be more patient on what i am doing thus they raised a lazy child like me wherein at this age i should be the one doing chores not my Mom. You see i’m no better, my life is not on point my family is a little bit awkward and weird to meet and people like us doesn’t deserved praise from others because we’re not the model family everyone thought. I lie, i cheat, i say bad words. 

Mom will say “Wala ka namang ginagawa eh tapos napapagod ka, sinasagad mo pasensya ko” (You aren’t even doing anything yet you’re tired? You’re pushing me to my limits) and i will just be like playing games on my phone. I’d love to offer help but knowing my Mom it will be better if she just leave everything on her side because she knew everything. 

I’m a failure, i’m a jerk, a stupid daughter with the knowledge of just eating and make myself fat. Now you know that i developed anxiety because of my family situation and the people around me, i can change and i can be better but after that what? Only get criticisms for others just because i’m not helping? 

Struggling for almost 23  years of my life, struggling i guess for the rest of my life. My respect is still there i always treat myself as a different person from them or even not related to them like i’m a stupid adopted daughter from an orphanage because i’m fat and useless. 

My life will always be a failure even despite of being a degree holder. 

Battle Against Anxiety Disorder

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Today on this entry i will pour what is on my heart, it has been years since i opened up into the public about my fears and yet here i am trying to fight and battle this disorder. 

I am a person with Anxiety Disorder, funny thing is my face doesn’t seem to be convincing but i am a person who keep what is inside me a secret. Let us start back in those days where my genuine smile still shows “Gradeschool” it started when i was a Grade 5 student at a certain public school in Manila people calls me “Autistic” “crazy” “weird” “nerd” because i love reading books but my perception of those words are fully negative because by the time i’m in Grade 6 all of a sudden those words came back haunting me there are those days which i just sit on a corner covering my ears hugging my whole body to prevent the panic i’m feeling inside. Back then i don’t even know the words “panic attacks” and such, i couldn’t move and i couldn’t even cry because one moment i’m happy and one second i am sad. People say “maarte ka lang” but i feel the pain, the lack of air on my chest that heavy feeling, the sweat and everything that makes me wanna kill my life but still i don’t know what is that. 
When i entered highschool it worsened 1st year of highschool got me shocked because i thought discriminations, bullies and others are left in Manila but i’m wrong my Anxiety deepened and no one knew until our Guidance Councilor who is also a registered psych told me i have Anxiety Disorder, i don’t know what it was but hearing those made me shiver because i know that i am normal outside but my emotions will continually  break me. 

I’ve been through a lot no one knew that everytime i was being bullied, i’m always sitting and looking so far that crying isn’t enough to release all the pain. It’s like the pain strucks me so hard but knowing i have this disorder is much painful. I entered 4th year highschool depressed i endured a lot of pain during those times i am aware of my condition all of the people inside the class knew that one day where i just stood there crying pushing everyone away because indeed i’m living with such horrors in my life. It didn’t end there, when they told me i won’t be graduating as a Highschool Student things get mashed up i never answered the teacher but i threw myself on the side and like inviting the darkness that is i knew Anxiety Disorder is not a joke. 

It wasn’t a joke because almost everyday i’m bringing terror and horror to my life, panic attacks are much more serious than the emotional state i’ve been dealing with. I cannot count how many attacks did i have on a year but this year 2017 gave the ultimatum out of me  4 different panic attacks in one day from morning, lunch, dinner and midnight gave me so much chills. 

But you know what i may have Anxiety Disorder still i can lead a normal life now i’ve been panic attack free for the past months and i’m trying my best to fight and learn new things to overcome this disorder. It’ll be hard maybe at first but in the end, i’ll be the one to be happy after all. 

Shoutout to people who have Anxiety Disorder, this battle is for you and for all of us may we lead a normal life soon. Don’t forget that someone will lead you, this post is kinda hard to share but for the sake of those people like me i am blessed. 

Hello Everyone! 


Do you notice the difference? Yes! I clearead all the contents of my blog as i wanted to start a fresh, light blog that only tackles about me, myself and i. I’ve been thinking of buying myself a new domain name but it is best to stay with the WordPress blog i grew up with as a person. 

Now that my goals are set, i’m a graduate already let’s fix what needs to be fix from writing to notebooks, doodling my thoughts on random books. Here i am with “SpellAyna” an online kind of diary that i can actually call mine. 

Please enjoy reading here in my blog, and i will do my best to make you all happy with my entries.