Life: Online Business + What to expect ♡

Hello Everyone! I’m back again, i just realized that it has been weeks since my last blog post so here i am. I know you are all intrigued with the title so let’s start this! 

Last year i got obssessed by buying things online and if you remember i bought a lot of stuffs that i don’t even use (still on my desk) and i just realized that will i be able to have that kind of potential too? Like selling things online? Well, it worked out once with a Coldplay Ticket but making/creating your own  online shop is a pain in the ass. Because there are a lot of things you should consider and i am really really happy that finally one of my dreams true and yes! We are opening a shop and it is called “Frill Corner” there are 3 people that are managing the shop me, and the two friends of mine

Jhonna, Hiro, Me

What to Expect?

As of now we are on the verge of editing stuffs, finalizing details, arranging items and brainstorming more ideas. Because we know that when we started this shop we knew that there should be something that will pay off with our hardwork. 

We are planning to sell statement shirts, kdrama shirts, books, phone cases, squishy toys and school supplies but still we’re pointing out detail by detail to make us look more precise. Hence, we are doing our best to make this shop succesful. 

As of now there are no info about our opening date but keep in touch with us via social media. 

Instagram: @frillcornerofficial

Facebook Page: Frill Corner 
I really hope you will support me on this new journey in my life and hopefully this will succeed! 

Restarting + Blogging Schedule ♡

Hello Everyone! I decided to restart and bring a more fresh and lively blog so Kdrama. Life and my Adventures will be seen here on a daily basis. 

So according to my schedule i will be blogging around Tuesday-Friday-Saturday-Sunday because those are just my free day in case i won’t finish on a Monday. Also you can comment your favorite Kdramas here and i will review it for all of you. 

I decided to pick a time for blogging because recently i am really on and off so i had put up a schedule so that you will never get tired of reading on my blog. Of course i have a special kdrama review right after this!