Viu Philippines Review + Travel Like A Star Info + Giveaway ❤🍑

Annyeonghaseyo Yeorobun! ♡ I’m practicing my Korean Language Skills right now but before that let’s get on to my review of this wonderful app, i think i haven’t reviewed an app but i mostly review movies and books and of course K-dramas! 

Speaking of K-dramas this app that i’m going to review is highly popular right now with K-drama fans especially ME! Do you want to know it? Should i reveal it? I think you know this one because it’s VIU APP! YES! It’s Viu and this Viu App launched in the Philippines November 2016 and it’s still spreading into other Asian countries surrounding Philippines, you can watch unlimited K-dramas and other stuffs much better than  Viki i had to try this Viu App yesterday and up to now i’m loving it that’s why i’m sharing it to you! 

That’s right Viu Philippines on my phone! Jung Joon Hyung on my screen!

But i think there are other K-drama fans who found this app first before me (i’m really sorry) but i’m still spreading it. Viu App is one of my main now because whenever i can’t access Facebook Videos i come to this and they have the freshest episodes from Korea 8 hours after telecast! How cool is that? plus it is subbed already. Unfortunately, Viu doesn’t have Goblin so i have to wait but other K-dramas are on Viu App so it is still good. 

I give Viu App a 8/10 rating ❤ You can download Viu App via Playstore and Appstore or scan it here! 

Download/Scan Viu App here!

So Viu App is done and i’m excited to tell you Viu’s first ever campaign  i guess and Viu is teaming up with STARMOBILE ( A leading filipino phone brand) the campaign is “Travel Like A Star” and it showcases a trip to Jeju Island, South Korea isn’t it cool? Well here’s what Starmobile said about teaming up with Viu Philippines and also Viu Philippines side. 

“Based on our research, many of our customers are big supporters of Hallyu. Aside from passionately following the latest Korean TV shows, films, and music, many of them also dream of someday going to South Korea,” said Starmobile Brand Marketing Manager Martin Mauhay. “We are excited to partner with Viu to give our customers the opportunity to make this dream come true.”

“We at Viu look forward to providing free streaming of the latest Korean entertainment to Starmobile customers,” said Viu Head for Partner Delivery Trixie Esguerra. “We are proud to have the most extensive Korean entertainment library available for free in the country. Aside from the full episodes of completed shows, we also have simulcasts of the most popular drama series and music programs. In addition, subtitled versions of the latest episodes of ongoing shows are uploaded in eight hours or less, making it ideal for fans following a specific title.”

This campaign is also Starmobile’s way of thanking its supporters for making it the Philippines’ most followed brand on Facebook for 2016 and for helping it become one of the country’s leading tech companies throughout its five-year history.

The winner of the trip will be announced on the third week of February 2017.

Learn more about the campaign by visiting or log on to

I decided to join the Travel Like A Star Campaign and here are the details i went through: 

First, i go to the link they provided you can direct it here: Travel Like A Star

 Second, i had to put my email and received a link through my Gmail Inbox 

Third, They will provide a link where you can fill up the details and all you have to do is to download the Viu App and watch your fave Kdrama and screenshot it so that you can add it on your registration. 

In my case i chose Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo. 

I hope this little campaign will help you boost your Kdrama addictiveness! For more information visit the links provided here or visit starmobile’s page on Facebook for more details. 

Since Viu Philippines + Starmobile are having a campaign i too have a giveaway to make! I have been thinking of this giveaway ever since so i’m giving away a Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo DVD + Kim Bok Joo Clips since my highlight here is Bok Joo. 

All you have to do is go to my instagram and wait for my Giveaway post, tag 1 of your friends who can win 2 pairs of clips and a Random Korean DVD and fill out the form i will send one by one to those who will tag their friends! I decided to start in a not so pricey way of giveaway since my 2 giveaways before are failures. 

This giveaway is only open for Philippine Residents! 

I will announce the winners in the first week of March ❤ 
That’s it guys! I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post! 
Sincerely Yours, 

Goblin: The Lonely And Great God Review 

Ever since i finished Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo i switched to this new kdrama that everyone is watching which is Goblin. By watching the trailer i got confused by it and i really didn’t expect it to be so good. This is like Legend Of The Blue Sea but this is from the Goryeo Era, Blue Sea is set in the Joseon Era. I actually hated watching historical kdramas because it’s kinda boring for me but after watching few episodes of Hwarang i found love while watching some Joseon/Goryeo Era kdramas.

I didn’t have much time watching this Kdrama series because i watched the Episodes 1-5 in 2 days and continue till i reach Episode 12 in a span of 3 days so i just need to continue watching and of course after receiving a message that Goblin will end on January 21, 2017 i hurriedly watched and analyze the episodes i watched already, i actually love the story flow and also the places where they shoot the film like in Quebec, Canada it’s so relaxing and plus Goblin’s Grungy type of cinematography is amazing.

I also love Gong Yoo’s character here because i can’t still move on him being Arthur (Coffee Prince) but it’s my second time seeing his drama again this time played the role of Dokkaebi or the Goblin Kim Shin. Kim Go Eun’s character is very lively and i like her so much as Ji Eun Tak.

Eun tak and Kim Shin’s love story are very different from others love story it’s a mix of sadness and happiness but as they said they prefer “Sad Love” rather than Happy Love then who are we to judge right? They gave me the feeling of “I want to fall in love with a person similar to Kim Shin” i think that’s what Goblin left us like love unconditionally, learn to wait and  of course making promises come true once again.

Adding my love for the other second lead couple and yes! Sajangnim and Mr. Grim Reaper, who doesn’t love Sun Hee and Woo Bin’s love story? It’s a bit tragic at first but it’s getting cuter and cuter and again they broke our hearts for the last time but there is really forever with them *laughs*.

Sun Hee and Woo Bin’s love story is much likeable rather than Eun tak’s and Kim Shin because of the beauty of love they showed us.

So what am i saying here? Goblin is the kind of Historical Drama you should watch and re-watch after and i swear you still get the same feeling after watching the second time around. Just like Kim Shin’s love story there is always a chance and the deity’s on his side that’s for sure and i beg divinity to be good to us and Korea should have more stories like Goblin’s.
And of course this Historical Drama will never end in our hearts especially in my heart ♡

That’s right! Kim Shin this drama will never be forgotten. ♡

Sincerely Yours, 


Recent Korean Dramas That I Have Watched! 💖😻

Hi there! I’m loving my new blog theme it’s just you know the pinky vibe if you want to know more about me just follow me on my instagram @faitholpindo to be updated! 

Okay so the title says it all i have been loving kdramas since last November when Legend Of The Blue Sea started because who cares? It’s Lee Min Ho anyway but i didn’t have the chance to catch up with LOTBS because i have classes so i started my marathon last December 30 where i finished full 16 episodes of a Kdrama and i’m awake until 2 am for that. So i have the list of the kdrama i watched recently and i’ll review them one by one ❤

1. Uncontrollably Fond 

Kim Woo Bin and Bae Suzy are so good here like it’s my first Kdrama after Descendants Of The Sun. I have to deal with this one because i can feel it! This is one of the Kdramas that people are missing just because there are good ones on the other hand but it’s pretty amazing it’s not the typical boy and girl meet situation but it’s some kind of a mind blowing series. I suggest that you should watch this  first to balance out everything! 

2. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo 

This is what i’m talking about! I’m crazy about Nam Joo Hyuk right now, like it’s been days since i finished this series okay let me tell you this i literally slept like 4 am in the morning just to finish this one so when i was about to go to school my head aches so much that i thought i can’t handle it. 

It has a vibe of youth like we should enjoy life to the fullest and it also give us hope, more like To The Beautiful You kind of story but this is way way better than Minho’s and Sulli’s, this is the Kdrama for the youth followed by Hearstrings of course. I don’t want to spoil since some of you might want to watch this one. 

3. Last but not the least, W Two Worlds 

I’m not into Fantasy, Scifi, Thriller kind of Kdrama but this one caught my eye this one was the Kdrama i’ve been rambling about for days like i can’t even imagine myself watching the ending of this one. 

I’m so happy that i get to see Lee Jong Suk here being so sexy and so manly Kang Chul of my life 😂 but i love him here and of course Han Hyo Joo who looks like Song Hye Kyo. This one really satisfied my Kdrama feels and i ended 2016 while watching W literally. 

I have a lot of Kdramas that needs to be watched right now. I’ve been watching Goblin since last Thursday and up until now. 

Maybe i should add The K2 and re-watch other Kdramas as well. But i’m really falling in love with Goblin and Love In The Moonlight right now and those Reply 1997,1988 blah blah. 

Hope you’ll watch those too and i guarantee you all that they are amazeballs! Annyeong yeorobun! 💖😻

Sincerely Yours, 

Battle Against Anxiety Disorder

It’s been months since i ever open up something about myself and it’s 2017 already maybe i need to open myself up. Anxiety Disorder often referred as Depression but it’s not really depression, the thing is Anxiety is not just about being sad most of the time it is also about health and sometimes mind. I do have Anxiety Disorder because i know for some  reasons that i am not normal that there is really something wrong on myself i hated this disorder so much but i learned to accept this throughout the years. 

I am not the type of a person who will say that i have Anxiety Disorder just to make fun and look cool but because it is the truth, it started when i entered Highschool i was bullied not just bullied but through verbal bullying until now i just hate my classmates. Traumatized by bullies and everything that’s why whenever i’m in a very stressful situation i will just shutdown everyone around me calling me bad things like “Are you with us?” “You’re crazy” , those words hurted me so bad that it made me cry the whole time. I’ve never felt so helpless and lonely since that day until such time i just need to open things up on my mind but it doesn’t work. 

During my 4th year and senior year on my school everything started in a jam, that’s when people around me started to say bad things to me not just my classmates but the whole 4th year students, i remember my teacher paired me up with some loner guy on another class i don’t know why she did that but one thing i know for sure is that i need to be embarassed once again. My panic attacks are always occuring 2 times a day sometimes i will cry at the back of the school and sometimes just hid myself inside the comfort room. I realized how bad this Anxiety Disorder was i tried to be friends with other students where i met Patrice, a girl my age and with disability i think it’s polio and for once i found a friend for 4 years. 

They say i’m crazy, they say i’m bad because i have this aura of a poker faced girl but that’s not true they will never understand what it’s like to have this disorder and now they are just telling me that i’m Depressed? Depression is different from Anxiety but they are always together sometimes depression will lead to Anxiety. Until such time i decided to make a change when i entered my College Days, i collected friends and such until i am already Anxiety-free there are times when i can only rely on myself but there also times that i need my friends and they also need me. 

Now that i’m actually beginning to accept that step by step i can overcome this Anxiety Disorder of mine maybe not today, but i will be okay the next time around. 
Sincerely Yours, 


Uber Experience/Review + Discounts 

Hello World! Did you ever experience so much traffic along your way? or that time when you are rushing and those picky taxi drivers wont accept your destination? 

Well, i know we all experienced that kind of situation but there is an answer for that and it’s *drum rolls* UBER! Yes it’s Uber as a millenial we travel places to places just to meet other friends around our country but due to picky taxi driver’s looks like our country had been filled by drivers using Uber.

So my Uber Experience goes like this around the 1st of January 2017 we decided to just call an Uber Driver at the app what i did is download the app from Playstore because i’m using Android, navigate the app registered and such until someone connected well i admit it was so hard to face a Guy Driver i’m always used to my Tita driving the car but not this. So the journey went on the driver’s pretty normal unlike those on TVs that are harrasing the costumers but the guy is polite and really really knowledgeable in terms of cars so my Dad loves car and it looks like they just clicked easily. The ride is so fun because my Mom enjoyed riding it and also my Dad and me as well because it’s my first ride on UBER and of course it’s 2017 we bid goodbye to the driver on Doroteo Jose Street and he only costs us 183 pesos and Dad gave him 5 pesos maybe for the talks i guess. 

I don’t have a picture because my phone is having a mishap and it’s Low Quality cam is killing me, but anyway my first UBER ride is amazing! Wonder when will my next ride will be? 

As i promised i will give away some discounts when you ride using UBER: 

I’m giving you PHP100 off each of your first 2 Uber rides. To accept, use code ‘faitho1527ue’ to sign up. Enjoy! Details:

Go to the link given above so that you can receive your discount. Got an UBER Experience? Tell me in the comments below! Happy Riding! 
Sincerely Yours, 


Goodbye, 2016! 

Hello everyone! Today is December 31st and it’s almost 2017 just 6 hours to go and page 366 of 366 will be over and it will start a  new book once again. We are really living in a world that is full of mysterious happenings but one thing i knew for sure is that we all share this page 366 of this 2016 Book Happy. 

Let us forget all those worries starting last January up to this day because when we wake up tommorow we welcome a new day, a new beginning and of course the start of another journey we must fulfill, i myself have a lots of things to say when it comes to 2016 this is the year where i discovered what kind of strength i have and also there are those problems that i  encountered, my school status and of course the long student tab loan that i thought i can’t finish but it’s done in no time. Also, this is the year where my fate became miserable but i owe those problems as the reason why am i still here blogging and believing to myself this is where i found the strong me. 

From time to time i might say that 2016 is a curse because it’s not good but there are also those happiness that i can’t forget, i may not love teaching but this is my passion who am i to say no to this i would continue loving this until the end of time. 

I’d like to say sorry if you find some grammar errors but this is really how i express myself and it is through writing, for all the blessings that i encountered this year thank you so much. Me being a blogger and a contributor to Mytrendingstories is such an honor because all my dreams are slowly becoming real. As i step out 2016 i will rather be more mature, i will do my best until i graduate because here i am just months to go before my school year ends. 

To those friends i met of course my Coldplay Family, Myrrazenkate and many other peole. I just want to say thank you for making my 2016 complete, in times of trouble i can count to all of you. 

2016 is almost dying to say goodbye but let us not forget everyone who became part of this and let those people be part of your 2017 also. 2017 will be a positive one let us all believe on that. 

I hope you guys are celebrating and let us all welcome 2017 with good vibes and a smile! 

Once again i am Faith and i’m leaving this quote of mine to all of you 

Do not face tommorow with fears; instead face it with confidence and laughter so that in the end you will be happy. 

Happy New Year to all of us Majestic Readers and Friends! 2016 is coming to an end. 

Fat Shaming 😢😭

So earlier i found myself watching TLC’s Life Story and this is about a 660lb Amber  living of course in the US. As i was watching i couldn’t help to cry but still fighting the urge not to because this is just another life story it wasn’t mine but the way this documentary was delivered it sinks deep on my mind that i might be looking like this from time to time. 
Watching this would make me go for it but at the same time when i’m hearing so much comments about body size feel like degrading myself too along with Amber, the ugly truth of being FAT is you will be getting picked on, you will feel so totally helpless and realized that there is no cure for this, fat shaming makes you realize how much a fool you are when eating and probably going outside seeing other people adore their sizes. Some people might say that being fat is good because it’s a sign of being healthy but for us it isn’t it is a sign of being ugly, of being so big that you can’t even do a normal pushup or a plank. 
Sometimes it would make me wonder that size doesn’t matter at all and those girls who kept saying “Ang taba ko na” aren’t really fat, it makes me wonder why and it’s just about taking your body right, eating clean, no junk foods or whatsoever. 
I remember my Dad would always call me “Dambuhala” because of my weight right now and people around me are always telling me “Diet ka na” don’t you know how hard it is for us to fight the urge? of eating? How your relatives would call you “Eh ikaw mataba ka kasi” , being fat is not the thing that i want, words really cut deep when people will say “Baka kumakain ka ng pigrolac” “ay ang taba mo 40 na siguro waistline mo no” , those comments are hard to take but we are turning it to a joke to avoid pain, to avoid everything that is out of control. Yes, i am fat but that doesn’t mean this will stay forever i know i’m fat, people around me doesn’t believe on anything that i say. My parents always give me a hard time dealing with this kind of situation depression is slowly slowly eating me right now. 
Being fat doesn’t mean i can’t lose weight, i know i can in a matter of time slowly but surely. Things might be hard from the start but this will never be a hindrance.


This confession is very hard for me to tell in public as i’m very sure that people will never understand the feelings of being fat over the years, i’m not extremely fat but i’m way heavier than my age so i need to lose weight of course with the help of clean eating of course. 

Allow me to adjust maybe this is the start for me to change myself as per Amber is positive i should be positive too, living in this fat kind of life is hard but i will try as soon as this 2017 starts. 

Sincerely Yours,