Open Letter To The ChaeKi Nation


Dearest Fangirls/Fanboys, 

Almost 5 years of being a fangirl and of course a frustrated shipper of Chaeki. Unlike my confession that i posted last time this is more heartfelt and i want to tell you that everything was worth it. From the start of the Nice Guy filming up to the last snippets of them on-screen and on awards night the chemistry was truly unbearable and unbelievable. I used “was” because right now we’re facing the downfall of the ship and of course the rise of the new yet well-loved relationship inside the Kdrama World. 
I am so happy when i heard that he’s getting married Song Joong Ki had been part of my life since Werewolf Boy and Sungkyung– i don’t remember the kdrama with a scandal starring Park Min Young and of course who can forget the lovable yet serious and gigolo Kang Ma Ru of Nice Guy? We all loved him until Descendants Of The Sun boomed and he is on top of the Kdrama land. 

You know, my dearest fangirls/fanboys everytime i see the news about Song Hye Kyo and him i feel like i’m breaking. There are a lot of theories on my mind and probably on your minds too but one thing stands out after all those thoughts that atleast Nice Guy gave chances to Seo Eun Gi and Kang Ma Ru even if it was just a mere hint my love for them will never end. 

Moon Chae Won is the girl who always smiles but deep inside we know something that isn’t right. She’s for keeps to be honest but right now i’ll drop this idea let Chae Won be happy even if it wasn’t Joong Ki atleast a guy who can love and wait for her not a guy who will walk away. 

They are each other’s the one that got away i can still say “Nice Guy” is my favorite not just they’re both there but we know that during those times #Chaeki happened. I’m putting my mindset to a different level, i started watching DOTS actually and i felt nothing maybe because i want Chaeki to happen but also the feeling of guilt while watching. 

Don’t get me wrong i love Song Hye Kyo, i support her on everything and of course this is life-changing, lol i never cried for a ship like this. Let me tell you Criminal Minds became my rebound for everything that happened seeing Chae Won smile at some behind the scenes i am HAPPY, seeing that smile after years. 

Tonight i said to myself that i guess it is time to set aside this ship and let the real ship sail, so be it they can’t be together anymore let’s be happy for Song Joong Ki. 

No matter what happens he’s our Joong Ki, our Oppa who finally met his one true love. One true love that had broke a nation. 


DON’T FORGET THAT WE HAVE KANG MARU AND SEO EUN GI, THEY MAY BE CHARACTERS FROM A KDRAMA BUT STILL IT WAS THE CHAEKI WHO PLAYED AND GAVE THEM LIFE. Let’s be happy instead of weep Song Joong Ki will be happy for us and we should be happy too. 

So this will never reach Song Joong Ki i’ll type this in Korean. Let your translators open (kidding!) 

중기 씨, 팬 여러분, 언제나 우리 편이되어 주실 것을 기쁘게 생각합니다. 우리 Chaeki 팬들은 결코 당신을 잊지 않을 것입니다. 우리는 이제 당신이 진정으로 당신의 진정한 사랑을 만났을 때 인생을 즐기기를 바랍니다.

중앙기, 축하와 베스트! 💕

Of course for our Moon Chae Won. 

채원아, 계속 미소 지으며 인생을 최대한 누리 라. 당신은 매번 도전에 직면 한 용감한 소녀입니다. 당신의 삶이 바셔로 가득 차게하지 않으면 그들이 당신의 삶에 영향을 미치지 않도록하십시오.

서은기 Chaeki는 영원히 항해 할 것입니다.

행복 해지자! 💕

And for all of us Chaeki Nation let’s hashtag #ChaeKiForever tommorow along with the hashtags that will come from Song Song Fans. Let us wish them happiness!